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“If you're looking for diverse leaders in tech, Black UX Labs is the resource you need. They are the tech experts”

Best Buy, Director of Experience

"Black UX Labs is an incredibly effective talent magnet, drawing some of the best and brightest UX minds. I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with many of its members over the past few years, including several who were later hired by LinkedIn."

LinkedIn, Principal Researcher

“Black UX Labs is a great resource for diverse leadership talent. If you're looking to mix it up, start here.”

J.P. Morgan Chase, Product Director

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Our leadership development programs are designed for tech professionals with 7-10 years of experience looking to climb higher. Dive into courses and resources that prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of tech leadership.

Find Your Tech Leadership Edge

We specialize in matching visionary tech leaders with organizations eager to drive innovation and success. Discover how our tailored approach can bring the right expertise to your projects, fast and efficiently.

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Step into a community dedicated to your growth as a tech leader. Benefit from mentorship, networking, and exclusive opportunities.

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